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CSMM blog is a go

Welcome to brand spanking new CSMM blog! I will use this space to create more detailed status updates than what the 7dtd forums or Discord allow me to do. (smile)

CSMM is undergoing big, big changes!

Professional tier software

All of the generous donations made have allowed us to upgrade our internal development process.

  • Issues, bugs and features are tracked in Jira instead of Github now. We are still configuring and testing it. Hopefully, if Jira allows it, we can open up access for everyone to it.

The CSMM website already sports a fancy feedback button! You can use this to do feature requests or report bugs and it will automatically create an issue in Jira. You can let it gather some metadata about your browser and the page you were on to make the debugging process easier for us.

  • Documentation, project notes (anything that is written and is not code basically) will be kept right here, on Confluence

Confluence gives us alot more options to style the documents, more organization and more awesomeness! I am personally really looking forward to using this application.

Version 2

We are developing a second version of CSMM. It's almost a complete rewrite, though we will gradually roll out the changes as we develop them. In terms of features for the users, you probably wont notice a whole lot. The main change that is planned is Redis integration. For people who do not know Redis, you can compare it to RAM but on a software level. It can allow CSMM to store and retrieve frequently used data really, really fast. Much faster than a traditional SQL datastore.

The main reason for this is not just a faster application, it will also allow CSMM to scale much better. In theory, it is possible to scale infinitely with this setup. More details on the internal structure will follow. It's a big change, and we want to make educated and good decisions.

I hope you are all as excited as I am ! (big grin)