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What is CSMM?

Catalysm's Server Manager & Monitor (CSMM) is a centralized management and monitoring portal for 7 Days To Die servers. From here, you can look at server performance, track player actions and movement, give items, ban problematic players, manage a server economy, and more. Once connected to your server, CSMM gives you an unparalleled amount of visibility and control over your environment, allowing you to take actions that would otherwise require console access. From this one web interface, you can manage multiple separate servers, each with their own unique permissions, settings, and configurations.

This pages serves as a quick-reference point to help you find what you need to either get started using the tool, or just look up something you need more information on.

Are you a 7 Days Server Owner who wants to use CSMM on your server?

  • Use our quick start guide to rapidly deploy the CSMM connector for your server.
  • Trying to fine-tune your server settings? Check out the CSMM Settings section for more information.
  • Want to expand CSMM functionality with a server-side mod? You're looking for CSMM Patron's Mod (CPM).

Are you a 7 Days player who wants to know more about what CSMM can do for you?

  • Check out the Player Chat Commands page for information on what you can type in-game to trigger features or get help.
  • If your server has CPM (see above) installed on it, you might want the chat commands for that as well.

Need some direct help?

Come visit us on Discord over at the Catalysm Dev Server.

What are we working on right now?

Below is the current issue / suggestion tracker. If you see something that needs to be added to the list, hit the 'Feedback' button on any page in CSMM.

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