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What is CPM?

CSMM Patron's Mod (CPM) is an API mod that is free for anyone, who wants to use. It's in no way affiliated with Catalysm's Server Manager and MonitorIt's name was explicitly chosen to make sure other servermanagers are not hijacking its fuctionality and present it as their own, but it can be used by any servermanager. The author (Prisma501) is a CSMM user that has grown to like CSMM very much and wants to contribute to it by offering support and feature requests for his API mod to supporters of CSMM. Support and feature requests are therefore reserved for those supporters (Specific exception for users that are using Botman with BCM). CPM is a forked extension of Coppi's Mod, extending the functionality of existing commands, and adding new commands and features.

  • CPM - Features like the Advanced Claims, Reset Regions, Location Tracking, Protective Bubble, Nighttime Announcer, Old LCB system, Trading system, and more. These features include both console commands, as well as chat commands.

A16 Version

Version: 5.39 (A16) - Click here to download.

  • Admins: Updating from versions below 5.26 will need to delete the following file before restarting your server:
    /saves/Random Gen/<mapname>/CSMM_Patrons.bin

  • CPM is an extension of Coppi's Mod, which means that you must remove Coppi's mod from your server, or it will conflict with CPM.

Are you a 7 Days Server Owner who wants to use CPM on your server?

  • Use our installation guide to guide yourself through installing the CPM plugin on your server.
  • Check out the Functional Overview page to see some of the Features available to CPM Admins, and configure them as you desire.

Are you a 7 Days Player who wants to know more about what CPM can do for you?

  • Check out the Player Chat Commands page for information on what you can type in-game to trigger features or get help.

Need some direct help?

Come visit us on Discord over at the Catalysm Dev Server

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