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Installation of Catalysm's Server Monitoring and Management tool (CSMM) is quick and simple, as long as you have administrative access to the server you want to add it to.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Install Alloc's Server Fixes if you haven't done so already. An installation guide is available to assist you in the process.
  2. Set up Web API Credentials for the CSMM interface to access.
  3. Add your server to CSMM via the website. An installation guide can walk you through it.
  4. Once CSMM is connected to your server, it's time to perform the detailed configuration process. 
    • Set up Roles in order to add additional Administrators, Moderators, and more.
    • Configure the server Economy for your players
    • Get a Shop up and running that uses the economy.
    • Configure your Support Ticketing system.

That's it! CSMM should now have access to your server, and be monitoring for changes and other events. 

Looking for some more advanced topics?

  1. Configure your CSMM↔Discord link so you can get event notices in Discord.

  2. Start adding some scheduled commands to do things like save the server world, run repair scripts, and more.
  3. Create some completely custom commands from scratch to do things for your population.
  4. Check the Advanced Configuration Topics page for more things you can do!

Still Need Help?

Come visit us on Discord over at the Catalysm Dev Server.

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